Also -like from the 192m-Europabrücke- it is possible to jump off the highest located bungy-station in the world (2000m above sea) since 1998: it is a dam which is 131m high plus a crane with 34m= 165m!

This bungy-location does not only impress through its height but also the natural beauty of the environment: it can be heavenly beautiful how “god meant it“ creating the world, however it can change into hell within minutes.

So we named the 165m-Kölnbeinsperre-Jump „the very special adventure” Take your chance doing the very adrenalineous.

165,….,5,4,3,2,1 Kölnbreinsperre-Bungy! Rupert & teams


August 11-13, 2023

Friday starting 15:00, Saturday and Sunday starting 09.00am


  • single Jump (paying upon arrival at the dam): €189
  • Jump prebooked (see booking at the above menue): €179


Take your chance to reserve your jump off the 165m-Kölnbreinsperre which are very limited.

You can book a certain day and even time and we come back  to you with a jumping-slot around your favourite time!

However also feel free to book without date and choose it later or if it is a present the date can be chosen later as well (by mail or phone)


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